Build Customized Asset Allocations with iSectors® Suite of ETF Strategies


iSectors® is an investment manager offering a suite of managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) strategies which help you build customized asset allocations for each of your clients. Our unique ETF based model solutions provide you with a suite of allocation models and related resources necessary to easily, efficiently and cost-effectively service your entire client base. Our managed portfolios can be utilized individually or collectively to create comprehensive investment management solutions for each of your clients’ unique needs.

iSectors® ETF portfolios can also target specific strategies as a sleeve within a client’s overall allocation. For example, our Post-MPT, Liquid Alternatives and Precious Metals allocations can complement and/or diversify your client portfolios into lower-correlated asset classes. Other models can be slotted to fulfill specific client portfolio needs, including capital preservation, inflation protection, as well as tactical asset allocation solutions for clients that are better served by a more active approach. Our strategically-allocated Global asset allocation series offer a set of five diversified risk-based models that make an ideal core menu of investment solutions for a 401(k) plan.

iSectors® allocations are available as separately managed accounts (SMA) or unified managed accounts (UMA). Our ETF strategies are available through several of our turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs) with whom we have partnered. These platforms provide you with proposal generation, performance reporting, and back office support, which helps reduce your operational overhead and save you time.

Partnering with iSectors® is becoming increasingly necessary.

More and more advisors are beginning to appreciate the value that iSectors brings to their business. We offer business efficiency, cost reduction and can provide for product differentiation and diversification.  In doing so, we can improve overall risk-adjusted returns as well as reduce the costs of investing to your clients.

The advisory business is becoming more competitive. An increasing number of accounting firms, law firms, wire house converts and others continue to enter and/or add investment advisory services to their practice. In addition to more competition, technological advances, digital services and other entities are commoditizing the advisory business and creating fee compression. Working with iSectors is one way for you and your firm to remain competitive.

The iSectors® asset allocations allow you more time to focus on growing your business, spending more time with clients, and providing overall better service. Our asset allocations will also help you reduce investment research time and staffing resources, allowing you to reallocate those resources towards improving your overall client service and satisfaction.

iSectors® TAMP availability
You can access our models through one of our turnkey asset-management platform (TAMPs) partners, including LPL (SAM), Envestnet, Eqis, MidAtlantic Capital Group’s ModelxChangeTM and Placemark.  The  iSectors® direct back-office platform, which can be private labeled by your firm, offers $150 flat-fee custodial pricing, a tremendous value and selling point to your clients. All of our platform service providers supply you with proposal generation, performance reporting and other necessary tools and support that streamline your client service process, including access to their teams of back office professionals. iSectors models are available as separate or unified-managed accounts. You have the flexibility to select from various custodial options, including Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, TD Ameritrade, FOLIOfn and Mid Atlantic Capital Group.

iSectors entire suite of model strategies offers both core portfolio solutions and satellite strategies. CORE SOLUTIONS: strategic Global models (Fixed Income, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, Equity), hyper-diversified Endowment Allocation, and Tactical Global Balanced Allocation. SATELLITE SOLUTIONS: Capital Preservation, Domestic Equity, Inflation Protection, Liquid Alternatives, and Precious Metals.

iSectors® Post-MPT allocations offer a unique and dynamic approach to domestic asset classes. Using real-world economic and capital market factor inputs, these models are re-optimized on an ongoing monthly basis, seeking out a lower-correlated portfolio with reduced draw-downs and improved risk-adjusted returns.

For many independent advisors, working with iSectors® on portfolio construction, security selection and on-going management services has enabled them to free up valuable time to better grow, manage and develop their business.  Advisors that outsource investment management report that they have been able to enhance the level of service they provide to their clients, further develop their relationships and improve their bottom line profitability.

Powerful, online client proposal tools and other types of support can help you deliver customized, professional proposals quickly and easily. This process helps convert these proposals into new accounts as the system populates the required account-opening documentation.

Lower your operational costs and increase revenues working with iSectors® ETF investment strategies.  We provide a complete turnkey ETF investment management solution that complements your financial planning approach. Through the iSectors® simple and easy process, advisors can be up and running quickly.

Separately and unified managed account programs are highly desired by high net worth investors and complements your financial planning business. iSectors® series of strategies offer advisors multiple risk profiles that can assist them in portfolio construction and improve their clients’ risk-adjusted returns.

iSectors® unique, innovative strategies will differentiate your offering from other advisors, providing you with a compelling, value-added offering and marketing message.

These investments supply you with diversified, risk-adjusted return portfolios that you can use to build an investment solution to tailored to meet your clients’ individual needs. Our investment management services can support you to continually guide your clients towards reaching their long-term financial goals — with more time to solidify your relationship as your clients’ most trusted advisor.

ETF allocation models are becoming increasingly attractive to 401(k) and other retirement plans. See how iSectors® ETF allocations can be the centerpiece of a cost-competitive lineup of plan investment selections with both fee and investment holdings transparency. ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary services are available for Plans to outsource the entire plan investment selection process, which reduces a Plan sponsor’s overall fiduciary liability.

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